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Our pieces are designed and crafted in two ways:


  1. We collaborate with clients on what their thoughts wants and desires are, so that we can design and craft a piece that will be tomorrow's treasure and a family heirloom for many generations.
  2. We craft pieces that are designed exclusively by George Coles. We find that most of these pieces are quickly snapped up by  wooden furniture enthusiasts and collectors.


The pieces we craft, are designed with traditional joinery methods to allow for timber movement in the different climates around the world.  As a result of this, our works are appreciated by many collectors around the world.  For example we have collectors in the USA, Japan, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, to name a few.


These galleries represent several of George's designs that have evolved from years of custom furniture making  experience as well as from his continual experimentation with forms, combinations of shapes, angles and colors. Some of the pieces were commissioned, while others came about just because he wanted to create them.


We are happy to share with you some samples of his works.  Please be aware that some clients request privacy and so we do not show their pieces here or anywhere else.  Be sure to browse our Miscellaneous gallery for some surprising and unique pieces that can also make great gift ideas.


NOTE: Pieces shown in our galleries are mostly custom made and can be changed to suit your size and design requirements.

We also write a news letter to keep you in touch and updated with our new designsClick HERE for more info.

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